Use JMeter to run Load Tests against Citrix based Applications

The Problem

You use jmeter for your loadtesting needs? Fine.
One day there comes the project from hell and wants a load test. The project is based on Citrix and the ICA protocol.

Does JMeter support Citrix out of the box? No.

Are there any solutions in the market to run load tests against Citrix applications? Yes, but ...
... they are horribly expensive and probably not what you have in mind.

The Solution

Fear not. We provide the Citrix Plugin for JMeter.
It is tightly integrated with the JMeter framework and enables you to put Citrix applications under load.
You can leverage your already available JMeter skills to put Citrix based applications under load.

Feel free to read the fine manual to get a first impression of the capabilities of the plugin.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.

Last but not least

  • No limitation concerning virtual users - unlike some well known commercial products
  • Attractive license model: hosted on sourceforge: it's free!
  • Check it out at sourceforge