DKDN3S: A new approach to problem solving

The problem

Traditionally problems are solved by using knowledge. The problem lives comfortably in the problem sphere.
The solver aquires - or ideally already aquired in the past - knowledge of the probelem sphere. She then uses this knowledge to solve her problem.
While this approach works fine since millennia it has it's limitations. It comes at a high price.
Aquiring knowledge is costly and time consuming. Knowledge does not travel well between disjunct problem spheres.
The set of solvable problems for each individual is limited by the amount of knowledge this individual aquired in the past.

A way forward

A scientist generally tries to draw strong conclusions from weak assumptions. Perhaps we can borrow a trick or two from the scientist. This is where the DKDN3S approach comes to the rescue. By limiting the requirements in terms of knowledge it allows dim witted (and thereby cheap) solvers to tackle problems previously consindered too challenging. The witted ones can either concentrate on the really complicated problems and do their magic or solve the standard ones with less effort. The time saved can then be wisely invested in fruitful endeavours.


Let's forget for a while all that knowledge necessary for a typical problem and start with a fresh and open mind. Our solver is armed with nothing more than some common sense and DKDN3S: Das Kann Doch Nicht So Schwer Sein. Roughly translated from German this basically boils down to: This cannot be that difficult.
It turns out that the vast majority of problems are actually not that difficult. Under fire from common sense and DKDN3S a surprisingly large number of problems soon start to break down into solvable pieces. Our solver can now solve these pieces one after the other using once again the secret weapons of common sense and DKDN3S.
Our solver can now tackle problems previously considered too challenging for her. She can travel into territories previously inhabitated by experts having years of training. She can even have tons of fun travelling in these territories and terrifying experts with common sense and DKDN3S.

Keep it secret

This has been known for a long time. But this truth has been kept away from the general public. Why? There are several theories around. Perhaps because of experts jealously guarding their territory, their problem space and natural habitat. Perhaps because of established magicians unwilling to admit that DKDN3S can easily substitute secret magic. Perhaps because much-feted and highly paid solvers do not want to be replaced by cheaper resources.

Now our solver has the intellectual tools to do magic on her own. She will undoubtedly become a much-feted solver on her own. In order to keep her newly found position she will be well advised to keep secret the secret formula of her success. DKDN3S.

A note to the reader: please do not print out this article and burn after reading.